I am a stay at home mom with a knack for being thrifty.  I taught myself how to coupon while settling into my new mommy position.  At first, I used websites to find deals and match ups.  Each week, I visited stores with my itinerary in hand only to find items were not on sale or were price pointed differently.  These “deals” quickly became busts.  I also reviewed online coupon previews to prepare for the following week’s sales.  When Sunday finally rolled around coupons I had expected were non-existent or values were different.  I quickly realized sales and coupons are regional.  It didn’t make sense to continue using a website that didn’t reflect coupons or sales in my area, Lansing.  I began finding my own match ups.  I became more successful and I dealt with far less disappointment.  That is one reason I created Centsibly Saving.

Every time I shop I hear people whispering about my near 10 lb. coupon baby…err…binder.  I notice as unlookers wonder how in the world I just bought 10 full size bottles of Dial body wash for a grand total of…drum roll please….49¢.  That is not a typo.  I actually paid about 5¢ for each body wash!  Explaining what I do and how I do it is too difficult while standing in the checkout lane.  Also, I’m toting my couponing side kick who doesn’t always appreciate mommy having adult conversations.  I digress.  I wanted a place for Lansing area residents, whether you’re already a coupon professional or still trying to figure out what all the hype is about, to experience Lansing coupons, Lansing stores and our town’s amazing deals.

Not a professional?  Interested but confused or don’t have hours and weeks to invest in teaching yourself?  Allow me to help.  Check out my coupon class and you’ll be a professional at Centsibly Saving in no time!

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